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„In 2013 we participated in the NUK Business Plan Competition with the startup „Bonicode“. We were lucky to be coached and mentored by Badr Moudden. He was our favoured coach because we had already heard a lot about his legendary sales skills in the B2B sector. However, our high expectations of him were exceeded several times. In the area of B2B Sales he has an almost unlimited wealth of experience and incredible methodological competence. In addition, he has the ability to pass on his knowledge in a playful and clear way. He is able to transfer his passion for sales and to inspire people for the topic. Furthermore he is an extremely good listener and analyzes strengths and weaknesses of a strategy accurately. He sees himself from the first minute as part of the team and brings himself with full commitment into the founding idea. As an expert in B2B sales, Badr Moudden is my unrestricted top recommendation.”

Christopher Wilms GmbH

We confirm that Mr. Badr Moudden worked for ERIKS in this capacity, assisting with the
development and coordination of cross-border relationships with major blue chip

This activity only formally commenced within ERIKS in January 2007, with Badr joining us
in November 2008. Badr’s considerable experience, particularly in the area of MRO
customers in the International Arena, enabled us to accelerate our understanding of these
customers’ needs and the ways in which we need to change organisationally to satisfy
these customers’ requirements.
In particular, Badr has developed a range of tools for us to use to assist in the following

– Assessing the opportunity
– Negotiation (including advice on our major competitor’s approach)
– Implementation
– Reporting (internally and to the customer)

In a Cluster-based organisation, which typically has not been used to cross-border
communication, we are advancing in our approaches to these challenges and Badr has
been influential in moving the debate forward at all levels with me.
He has been a hard-working, honest and intelligent right-hand man, not afraid to challenge
but prepared to accept a decision and work within it. His linguistic ability in English, French
and German has been vitally important in both internal and external selling.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Badr to any future employer.
Yours faithfully


International Key Accounts Director, ERIKS GROUP

(…) In this role, he was tasked to strategically manage global bid responses for VGE. The
typical value of opportunities he supported ranged from €1million to €15 million Total
contract value.

His key accountabilities were:

1) Building and managing the Bid Plan ensuring that the all activities are completed
and that the customer deliverables are made on time;
2) Building the proposal, ensuring customer focus and clear articulation of the
Vodafone value proposition using best practice principles; and build relationships in the business and to identify the right people for support and
manage stakeholder and their expectations.
3) Risk management – ensuring all risks are understood, mitigated or accepted by
the appropriate stakeholders.

As a Global Bid Manager, he was responsible for ensuring that the bid has appropriate
sign off before being submitted, including that formal financial and commercial
governance by responsible stakeholders has been followed. He was an honest broker,
balancing the customer and sales objectives, with the need to make an adequate return
and to manage risk to the business.

He was responsible for supporting the account team in building the Bid Strategy and then
driving this through to completion, and brought thought leadership and experience to the
team to influence the Bid Strategy and approach to the customer. His understanding and
communication of Risk was a key imperative of his role
Badr was working closely with the account team, to understand customers requirements
in order to ensure that our solution meets their requirements and the value proposition is
explained accordingly. His understanding and experience of formal sales methodology is
seen as an advantage
Badr lead the virtual bid team, and was responsible for ensuring the team understand the
strategy and their role in delivering that strategy. During his time with us, he was able to build relationships in the business and to identify the right people for support and
manage stakeholder and their expectations.

He has been a hard-working, honest and intelligent Global Bid Manager, not afraid to
challenge positions, and prepared to find the right compromise within the team.
His linguistic ability in English, French and German has been vitally important in both
internal and external communication.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Badr to any future employer as well within

With kind regards

Oliver Kitschke

Bid Team Leader Central & Southern Europe



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