About Us

How we can turn your challenges into solutions

Right solution

We perform in the international & national B2B World. We develop the right solutions resulting quickly in healthy steady sales growth by activating the 4 Key Levers: Sales, Marketing, Innovation & Purchasing.

Best results

The organizations and the processes of these 4 functions have to work jointly to create the right synergy and to offer the right levers, in order to achieve the expected results!

Healthy steady growth

Our aim is to develop with you the best solutions that fit your business and put you in a long term winning situation, with sustainable and unique advantages.


Smart combination and activation of the right leavers

Our mission is to help its B2B Customers grow their Sales and their Profitability Year on Year, by „Doing the Right Things Right“: this means by performing the proper B2B Sales, Marketing, Innovation and Purchasing activities!

  • Status Quo Analysis
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation
  • Purchasing Strategy & Implementation
  • Sales Strategy Dev & Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Innovation Strategy & Implementation
  • Faster into the market
  • Higher paying Customer
  • Tailormade Funding
  • Winning Strategy
  • Sales Growth
  • High Closing Deals
  • EU Grants
  • Lean Business Models

Do the right things right!

MyBizUP Consulting